The Superstars of Micro Championship Wrestling will be coming to Houston, TX May 28th, and we want to see the place packed like it always is with all of our Micro Maniacs to show why we are #1 in the World when it comes to Midget Wrestling!

MCW Will Be Heading To...

May 21- Eddy's- Athens, TX

May 22- Big Al's- Dallas, TX


May 24 Hooligans- San Antonio, TX

May 26- Turkey Creek Bar & Grill- Alvarado, TX

May 28- Concert Pub North- Houston, TX

May 29- Benny's Boom Boom Room- Hattiesburg, MS

MCW is a high powered, explosive, athletic show with just the right touch of comedy thrown in to make it an event for all ages and demographics. 

​These micro athletes may be short in stature but are giants in the world of entertainment where they will keep you on your feet, screaming and crying at the same time. MCW is the #1 Midget Wrestling company in the USA. After you leave an MCW event, you are guaranteed to be a Micro Maniac for life. 

Booking Information: ​Call (727) 534-7862

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor for Micro Championship Wrestling, please go to the Bookings page and submit a request for info. 

MCW is a great opportunity to get your business out there, where tons of people will be taking pictures in front of your logo or seeing your business associated with the hottest act in midget wrestling!  

MCW has done shows in many places such as Casinos, Bars, Night Clubs, Halls, Outdoor Fairs, Theme Parks, Birthday Parties, Schools, and many other locations. So don't hesitate, contact us today to become a Micro Maniac and be the first person to have MCW in your area!

​Are you less than 4'5? Have you ever had the desire to become a professional wrestler? If the answer is yes... then look no further! Micro Championship Wrestling will be scouting and hosting tryouts for future MCW talent in Miami, FL during the month of October. This will be your opportunity to work with a nationally touring professional wrestling company that will give you exposure to fans all over the world. The best part is that no experience is required. We will train you how to wrestle for MCW, how to interact and entertain and crowd full of Micro Maniacs, and maybe even how to become and MCW referee. That is, if you have what it takes and the willingness to learn!

More details will become available as we get closer to October, so keep checking back for all the latest information on this great opportunity! 


JOHNNY G (727) 534-7862

Micro Championship Wrestling- Midget Wrestling